Interior Design 2021: Hottest Trends (part 1)

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Hottest Interior Design Trends in 2021The year 2020 is coming to an end, ahead of us is the holiday bustle, pleasant chores and the most magical holiday of the year. After the New Year holidays, that exciting period comes when I especially want changes. It’s time to change the interior, because it is precisely its design that affects our mood and life every day. Fresh ideas can be gleaned in our material, so that during the long-awaited vacation there was time to think them over, and after the holidays with renewed vigor to begin implementing plans. What interior will be on the crest of a fashion wave in 2021? What fashion trends will come to your home with the onset of the new year, and what decorative materials should I prefer while updating the interior? Which interior trends that have become fashionable in 2020 are best left in the past year, and which ones will not lose relevance? We learned new materials and decor, the stylistic trends and the hottest interior design trends 2021 unexpectedly returning to fashion and are ready to share them in our review. We wish you inspiration and joy in the new year!

Materials and textures

Every year we see new approaches to “eternal” materials in the interior: glass, stone, wood and metal. These materials are the foundation of any stylish interior and 2021 is no exception. Let’s talk about which variations of these materials are especially relevant.

GlassHottest Interior Design Trends in 2021

Durable tempered glass has long left the ranks of unsafe and short-lived materials. The design of a modern interior cannot be imagined without many glass details. In 2021, at the peak of popularity, there will be decorative inserts and tabletops with a texture that repeats circles or ripples in the water, ice and a veined ornament similar to natural marble. In addition, next year, interior partitions or parts of the wall in the interior of the living room and kitchen, made of square blocks made of thick, translucent glass, will return to fashion. The interiors rested for a long time from such a design, and now it is gaining popularity again.

TreeHottest Interior Design Trends in 2021

Material such as wood simply cannot go out of style. In combination with glass, metal and concrete, it will be a hit in the interior design of 2021. And it will find application in a variety of styles: from minimalism to the author’s interpretations of Art Deco. Despite the fact that oak does not lose popularity, light and especially bleached wood is no longer in trend. It will be replaced by dark tones and rustic wood textures. The shade of wenge will be especially popular.

Stone and decoration materialsHottest Interior Design Trends in 2021

The fashionable trend in the decoration of floors, walls, countertops and other surfaces and decorative elements, which designers have long been fond of and has come into fashion more than once, is Terrazzo. This is a variant of a seamless mosaic coating made of natural materials, which is a lime or cement base with the inclusion of particles of marble, glass, quartz, granite and other types of decorative stone. Stone chips of various shapes and sizes give the surfaces a lively dynamic due to an effect similar to confetti. In 2021, Terrazzo will even occur in the form of prints for textiles, so already at the beginning of the year we can say that this trend will be, perhaps, one of the most popular. Other materials that appeared in the interiors from leading design agencies are terracotta and dark marble. They will also be in great demand for interior design in 2021, But Subway tiles in the decoration of the kitchen, bathroom and individual walls have completely lost relevance, and it is time to say goodbye to this trend. Concrete is another material that rapidly gained popularity during 2020, and was used not only as a finishing material, but for the production of designer furniture and the manufacture of decorative accessories. In 2021, concrete continues to gain popularity and will penetrate further and further “beyond the construction site,” because it is easy to combine with a variety of materials and styles. Concrete will enter the house in the form of countertops, consoles, bases for armchairs, coffee and coffee tables, for the design of walls and in the form of designer lamps. Geometric concrete tiles are becoming more and more popular, and designers claim that this trend will last the next couple of years among the hottest.

MetalHottest Interior Design Trends in 2021

Rose gold was one of the most popular areas of decor in 2020, but this trend will leave us with the outgoing year and, according to the designers, will come back soon. The abundance of rose gold is being replaced by copper. Copper accents “warm” the interior thanks to the reddish-orange tone, but now they will be without mirror polish, from the abundance of which we, frankly, at one time, also managed to get tired. In the new year, copper elements of a natural, muted, reddish-earthy tone will be popular. An exception is the use of copper with raw, porous concrete, where polished surfaces are still present to give the combination an emphasized contrast. Brass decor and fittings will continue to be popular throughout 2021, but stainless steel and chrome will be significantly less.

LeatherHottest Interior Design Trends in 2021

Skin tan and cognac hue will be the surest choice in the coming year. Furniture and decoration from this material can rightfully be considered an “evergreen trend”. By purchasing these elements of furniture, do not worry about the fact that they will soon go out of fashion. This trend has moved between the definitions “at the peak of popularity” and “undisputed classics” for many years. Tan skin is easily combined with many design styles and never completely goes out of style. In order to choose the most relevant variations in 2021, give preference to a slightly rough, rough or matte texture.

DullHottest Interior Design Trends in 2021

A matte finish is present almost everywhere from the cosmetics industry to custom-made cars. On the one hand, this effect is associated with technological progress and futuristic design, and on the other, in comparison with some dramatic mirror polishing, the matte surfaces of furniture and accessories create a more lively, warm and comfortable environment for everyday life. Matte helps to muffle overly flashy accents and make the space cozy, it will add lightness and grace to the interior, while allowing it to remain ultramodern. Regardless of which furniture and decor you prefer: catchy color combinations and an unusual silhouette or classic, a matte finish will allow your interior to stay stylish for more than one year.

Actual interior colors

Despite the fact that muted colors help to avoid the feeling of cramped space and more easily affect the psyche, designers believe that 2021 will be the year when preference is given to bolder colors. Saturated shades in your house will help to place accents, give the interior a mood, emphasize the silhouette and decorativeness of furniture. For the most striking accents, pay attention to dramatic red and burgundy, bold yellow, ultraviolet, deep pink, Klein blue, turquoise and natural shades of green. Let’s talk separately about the top colors of 2021.

RedHottest Interior Design Trends in 2021

In the past few years, we have seen designers and customers gravitate toward a colder range and muted shades of blue and green. Therefore, we are pleased that in the new year to replace the cold tones and somewhat infantile sugar and powdery pink, the warm colors will return to the interior: red, purple, purple and deep pink. Shades of red are a great way to add contrast and emphasize details, providing warmth that makes your interior more attractive and vibrant.

Millennial pinkHottest Interior Design Trends in 2021

Millennial pink is the undisputed hit of the season. This shade of pink is characterized as the color of a whole generation, and no longer has strict gender differentiation, as it has been for many years. Pink Millennials, having received huge popularity back in 2020, will continue to be in demand and will not be left without attention in the new year. We have already seen how this shade is reflected in home decor, but by 2021 get ready to use this tone creatively and look for new and unique ways to use it as a simple and effective way to update any space. Pastel colors will continue to be a trend, this is one of many similarities between the interior and the fashion world. In addition to the universal nude scale, judging by the trends presented at major exhibitions in the field of interior design, Pastel shades of green such as celadon (a pale grayish greenish shade of green) and sage will be popular. No less popular with designers will use lemon yellow, vanilla yellow and apricot orange. Lilac-lavender tone, which received the name, which has become a common hashtag – “melodramatic purple”, will make a worthy competition to pink. From the neutral gamut, light nut tones, the color of toasted toast and muted olive, “mushroom” beige-gray shades and warm tones of gray will be popular. Cold mouse gray at the same time is losing ground and will no longer be as popular as in 2020. vanilla yellow and apricot orange. Lilac-lavender tone, which received the name, which has become a common hashtag – “melodramatic purple”, will make a worthy competition to pink. From the neutral gamut, light nut tones, the color of toasted toast and muted olive, “mushroom” beige-gray shades and warm tones of gray will be popular. Cold mouse gray at the same time is losing ground and will no longer be as popular as in 2020. vanilla yellow and apricot orange. Lilac-lavender tone, which received the name, which has become a common hashtag – “melodramatic purple”, will make a worthy competition to pink. From the neutral gamut, light nut tones, the color of toasted toast and muted olive, “mushroom” beige-gray shades and warm tones of gray will be popular. Cold mouse gray at the same time is losing ground and will no longer be as popular as in 2020.

YellowHottest Interior Design Trends in 2021

In the near future, yellow is tipped into the place of ubiquitous pink. Another color of the new generation called “generation Z yellow”. Yes, the color of emoji emoticons will become the most popular shade of the season. A youthful, active and cheerful tone that will spread far beyond smartphones in the coming months and it will be difficult to find a more innovative and universal color. The second trend in the use of yellow in the interior is burnt yellow and such close shades as ocher yellow and mustard yellow. Previously, these shades were considered too rich and dramatic, but in the coming year, the bolder the better. Yellow is a color that radiates happiness, self-confidence and joy. Regardless of whether they are used as a key accent or as small decorative accessories, Golden yellow will definitely make your interior cheerful in 2021. If you thought this was a risky color, then the upcoming season is the time to take a chance and experiment.

Color of the yearHottest Interior Design Trends in 2021

A review of the hottest trends of the year would be incomplete without the color, which is now called the color of the year. Meet – “ Night Watch green”. A noble, refined and slightly mysterious shade of green with a bright character that will overshadow the hunting green, coniferous and bottle glass. He will compete in the interior of the popular matte black color, as it is suitable even for small rooms and will work well together with accessories and decor from different metals: from chrome to brass. This color is especially well combined with metals and mirror-polished surfaces. But, if the full decoration of the room is too much, or the room is not spacious and light enough, then come up with small but effective ways to introduce this color into the interior palette, say, a small dark green rug on a sparkling marble floor or energetic textile accents.

Read about the hottest styles of interior decoration, fashionable furniture, accessories and trending techniques in interior decoration in our next article!

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