Curtains 2022 – Trends In Window Decoration

Fashionable Curtains 2022 - New Trends In Window DecorationFashionable curtains 2022 will become not only a practical addition to the interior, but also an important element of decor. In addition to protecting the apartment from the sun and prying eyes, their task will also be to diversify the interior. Fashionable curtains 2022 are an ecological trend. They will help create the impression of a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Discover fashionable window decorations for 2022 with us!

Trendy curtains of 2022 – transparent and delicateFashionable Curtains 2022 - New Trends In Window Decoration

The transition to nature, prevailing in the coming season, means not only a fascination with the colors of the earth, water and plants, but also the sun and air. So ditch heavy materials and dense patterns. Let natural light reign in your home! The fashionable curtains of 2022 are primarily white, transparent and delicate. They are perfect for a living room or bedroom decorated in a minimalist, Scandinavian or glamorous style. They will become a chic and sophisticated accessory that will accentuate a sophisticated arrangement. Thanks to them, the room will seem more spacious and brighter.

Fashionable curtains 2022 from natural fabricsFashionable Curtains 2022 - New Trends In Window Decoration

In the coming months, transparency will not only be the preserve of tulle. This trend will also apply to curtains. Although until now they could be associated with thick opaque fabrics, in 2022 they will take on a more sophisticated look. If you are looking for a trendy addition to your living room, kitchen or bedroom, choose curtains made from natural fabrics. The most popular will be linen – lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly and noble in its simplicity. Linen curtains are suitable for both classic interiors and interiors in the style of glamor, shabby chic and scandi. Be sure to choose models in a solid, pastel color.

The second, extremely fashionable material in 2022 will be dupion silk. Handcrafted with delicate fibers, it is renowned for its beautiful shine and interesting, slightly uneven texture. Impressingly luxurious, it is suitable for sophisticated art deco arrangements. This is one of the trendiest interior design styles for the upcoming season.

Fashionable curtains for the bedroom in 2022Fashionable Curtains 2022 - New Trends In Window Decoration

Sheer, thin curtains are elegant but not always functional. In the bedroom, especially if it is very sunny in the morning, it is necessary to curtain the windows more tightly. Thicker curtains are also suitable for the study and room, for comfortable watching movies. Fortunately, blackout curtains will continue to be among the trendy window decorations in 2022. Made of dense material, they are able to drown out not only light, but also unwanted sounds, so you can easily turn your home into a peaceful fortress.

If you are choosing curtains made of dense fabric with a crisp texture, ditch patterns and choose solid colors. The trendy curtain colors of 2022 are a nod to nature.Sea blue and delicate pink will be the best choices in the bedroom. Pastel shades are soothing and relaxing. In the living room you can try green curtains. Deep emerald hues bring a touch of glamor, while olive, mint or pistachio will prompt action. Mustard yellow, in turn, is perfect for the kitchen – it will cheer up the household and whet the appetite.

The most fashionable curtains for 2022 – muted patternsFashionable Curtains 2022 - New Trends In Window Decoration

While minimalism will be the predominant trend in the coming year in window d├ęcor, this does not mean that patterned curtains will be a thing of the past. The prints will become softer.

The most popular curtain decorations will relate to floral and floral trends. Pastel leaves and washed-out flowers will make you feel like you are in a garden with drawn curtains. Lovers of simplicity will appreciate the Scandinavian floral designs. These are the so-called scandi leaf, that is, a simplified drawing of a leaf. A beautiful and versatile motive that can be used in almost any composition.

The designers have prepared something for lovers of modern design as well. The curtains covered with abstract compositions of lines and shapes will give an original character to even the most restrained interior. Geometric motifs will also be a great addition to an art deco composition.

Fashionable window decorations for 2022 – layersFashionable Curtains 2022 - New Trends In Window Decoration

Not sure which curtains to choose? Are you tempted by too many patterns and colors? No problem! In 2022, designers are encouraging layering of curtains. Airy white curtains can be combined, for example, with solid-colored blackout curtains.

Patterned curtains and thin, smooth blinds will also be a trendy combination. Nothing prevents you from embodying the craziest ideas and at the same time connecting blinds, curtains and curtains. However, such a complex combination requires a very thoughtful selection of colors and patterns. To avoid chaos, combine different shades of the same color with each other.

Fashionable blinds of 2022 – Roman and JapaneseFashionable Curtains 2022 - New Trends In Window Decoration

Although curtains and shades undoubtedly add elegance to the interior, unfortunately, additional work is associated with their departure. Due to the fact that dust can settle on them, they are not recommended for allergy sufferers. Roller shutters of various shapes are an alternative. The most popular are the so-called blinds-screens in the form of a rolled-up fabric strip, which can be freely shortened or unfolded.

Roman shades look like them, but when lifted, the fabric folds into even folds. Austrian blinds have the most decorative look. When they are lifted, they form decorative ruffles. To avoid the kitsch effect, use Austrian blinds made of lightweight, high quality material.

In 2022, Japanese panels (roller blinds), that is, horizontally sliding screens covered with fabric, will gain popularity. This interesting solution will look great in boho-style interiors.

Fashionable windows 2022 – woodenFashionable Curtains 2022 - New Trends In Window Decoration

We’ve already mentioned that minimalism is in vogue in 2022. Following this path, you can safely give up curtains, blinds and curtains, and consider… the window itself as a decoration. To do this, first make sure your window frames and sills look good. Wooden windows have always been considered synonymous with elegance. In the coming season, this belief will be reinforced by a passion for natural materials. You can also enhance the visual value of the window with elegant stone window sills – light marble or patterned granite.

Sheer tulle or heavy blackout fabric? Noble minimalism or a sophisticated combination of patterns and colors? What curtains and drapes will you choose to freshen up your home window decoration in 2022.

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