Decorating terraces and gardens 2021: 10 trends to include in your lounge area

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Decorating terraces and gardens 2021In this article, we will make a compilation of 10 decoration trends for terraces and gardens that you will see this spring / summer of 2021.

This year wooden furniture and natural fibers such as jute and rattan with metallic touches, as well as decorative elements of macramé, terrazzo, cement or copper will predominate. Of course, you can not miss textiles with the colors of the year or plants to give that touch of fundamental green.

You can decide to take one or all, everything will depend on your decorative style and space. There they go!

Terraces and Garden Trends 2021

1. Macramé – The great trend of 2021Decorating terraces and gardens 2021

The elements made of macramé will continue to be a garden decor trend in 2021. It is considered a technique widely used in decoration both for the interior of the home and for the exterior.

You can include it in different decorative objects and give your patio a style with a lot of personality. The knots and braids of this technique can serve as inspiration to create chairs and hammocks, screens, curtains, cushions, tapestries….

2. Plants – The touch of Green is EssentialDecorating terraces and gardens 2021

Plants are an essential element in the decoration of a terrace or garden because it gives that cozy touch of peace and tranquility There is an infinite variety of flowers and plants to include in your terrace or garden, but you will always be right choosing the most resistant to extreme temperatures.

Play to mix colors, sizes or types, in addition, you can install a vertical garden using a shelf or get a cooler effect, creating a corner with planters of different types. If you have a garden or terrace not very large, you can opt for vertical space with hanging plants.

Bet on including some aromatic plants, can there be anything better than approaching and plucking a fresh herb from your mini-garden to add to your evening cocktail?

3. Textiles – Always with Fashion ColorsDecorating terraces and gardens 2021

A simple way to renovate a garden and look like a totally different one by investing very little money, is simply changing textiles.

Bet on including cushions in color or trend patterns, and carpets composed of natural fibers or Berber style.

Do not forget that this year 2021 some of the trendy colors are the Coral, the Nude, the lemon, the turquoise, the Garnet, the mustard, the gray or blue indigo among others.

However, you can always bet on white, a color not very risky but never goes out of style and with which you always hit.

4. Wood, Wicker, Bamboo or synthetic fibers – A sure hitDecorating terraces and gardens 2021

It includes garden furniture made with natural materials such as wood or vegetable fibers such as wicker, rattan or jute.

These furniture are timeless and give a cozy and natural touch to the environment. Always make sure that the type of garden furniture is suitable for outdoor use so that it stays in the best conditions.

5. In 2021 the terrazzo is the mostDecorating terraces and gardens 2021

The terrazzo is fashionable in garden decoration.

He was excluded from our lives after the 80’s but now he has become stronger than ever, and he seems to return with the intention of being present in everything, not just our soils.

The most daring can include this decorative trend in some decorative elements, such as lamps, cushions, planters… Adding these elements to your garden decoration will undoubtedly give you a fun and original touch.

6. Cement elements are still very strong this yearDecorating terraces and gardens 2021

Another trend for decorating gardens and terraces, are the elements made with cement and concrete.

Flower pots, candle holders and even pieces of furniture joined one of the trends with more pull of 2020 and that will last this 2021 to bring modernity and personality to the space.

7. Iron on chairs and decorative elementsDecorating terraces and gardens 2021

The elements iron and steel remain this 2021 trend when decorating the interior and exterior space.

In addition to being very resistant and durable, they are versatile elements that we can include in any type of decoration and also combine very well with wood.

8. Copper still on the riseDecorating terraces and gardens 2021

The decorative elements in copper, are a risky bet but, if you get to master it, you will create a most elegant and sophisticated space.

Copper adapts both the most vintage and classic style to the most avant-garde decorations. Lamps, vases, planters… Do you dare to introduce it in your environment?

9. Bet on the garlands of lights to provide warmthDecorating terraces and gardens 2021

If we want to bring a cozy touch to our environment, betting on a garland of lights is undoubtedly the best way to do it, impossible not to succeed with it.

You can also introduce other lighting elements such as candles and chandeliers to create a more peaceful and warm atmosphere.

10. Upholstered Puffs and SeatsDecorating terraces and gardens 2021

Add to the space some puffs or seats / stools upholstered in fabric, besides being something very practical in the event that visitors arrive, it is an ideal way to provide warmth to the space in addition to filling gaps that remain empty.

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