New Chandelier Trends in 2024

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Chandelier Trends in 2024To make the interior look modern and stylish, chandeliers for rooms in the apartment should be chosen in accordance with the latest fashion trends. In 2024, ceiling lights of various designs are in trend. Choosing the right chandelier trends 2024 will be absolutely easy for a room with any design.

Top trends for chandeliers in 2024Chandelier Trends in 2024

The chandelier this season, according to the designers, should be:

  • attention-grabbing, but not pompous;
  • stylish concise or vice versa original;
  • convenient to use and maintain.

There are several trends this season that are definitely worth paying attention to apartment owners who want their home to look fashionable.

Original chandeliersChandelier Trends in 2024

The most important trend of this season is the original design of chandeliers. Ceiling lighting device can:

  • be made of atypical material;
  • have an unusual shape.

Chandeliers can be made of fabric, paper, thread, metal, porcelain. In fashion this season are models in the form of balls made of thin transparent glass, very large, multi-level, in the form of a candle, etc.

Retro style lampsChandelier Trends in 2024

Another trend for 2024 is vintage style ceiling lights. Distinctive features of such chandeliers are:

  • rounded shapes;
  • pastel, pleasing to the eye colors.

Chandeliers with fringed fabric lampshades, multi-tiered chandeliers with crystal pendants, as in the USSR, hemispherical shades are in fashion. You can also focus on the original retro – an imitation of an Edison lamp, an option stylized as a kerosene lamp, a forged lamp with imitation of candles, etc.

Chandeliers with “gold”Chandelier Trends in 2024

In fashion in 2024, chandeliers with a frame or the shades themselves “under gold”. Such a ceiling lamp, however, should not look pretentious. The combination of “gold” and simple forms is in fashion. The golden lamp in 2024 should be geometric. Gold tubular models are also in fashion.

Correct geometry and clear linesChandelier Trends in 2024

Geometric shapes are also one of the main trends in interior design in 2024. In particular, this fashion affected ceiling chandeliers. For an apartment this season you can buy:

  • chandelier with spherical, cylindrical, rectangular shades;
  • in the form of honeycombs;
  • with an almost flat screen;
  • in the form of a cone or a parallel piped.

Wicker lampshadesChandelier Trends in 2024

A wicker chandelier will also look very fashionable in the interior of the apartment this season:

  • from rattan;
  • vines;
  • textile threads;
  • ropes.

Light bulbs in such chandeliers, since they are made of combustible material, are supposed to be screwed in LED. This combination of old and modern in 2024 will also look very fashionable.

What color to choose a chandelier in 2024Chandelier Trends in 2024

When choosing a chandelier, in addition to its shape and material of manufacture, you should definitely pay attention to color.

Black modelsChandelier Trends in 2024

The most important lighting trends in 2024 regarding the color of chandeliers is black. Ceiling lamps of this design always look very impressive. The size and shape of a black chandelier can be absolutely any. It is believed that such models are most suitable for apartments decorated in the style of minimalism or loft.

Expert commentary:

“A black chandelier can become a real highlight of the interior in 2024, an item that makes the design of the room unique. However, to use this option in the design of the premises is only in combination with other lighting fixtures. Otherwise, the lighting design of the apartment will look too gloomy.”

WhiteChandelier Trends in 2024

The classic version of the white chandelier remains in trend this season. Especially stylish in any residential premises – halls, bedrooms, kitchens – in 2024 fashionable models with white spherical shades made of frosted glass with a gold frame will look stylish.

What other colors are in trends?Chandelier Trends in 2024

In addition to gold, black and white chandeliers, ceiling lamps of all shades of gray are in trend in 2024:

  • light gray;
  • dark gray;
  • shiny steel;
  • brushed steel;
  • silvery.

For those who prefer a variety of colors, you can buy a chandelier:

  • beige, pink, mustard;
  • brown or green.

Cold colors in the design of chandeliers this year are not particularly in vogue. The only exception is the blue color and its muted shades. Blue this year is generally considered the most trendy shade in the interiors of residential premises.

How to choose a beautiful and stylish chandelier for any room

There are some rules for choosing fashionable chandeliers for each room in the house.

Living room chandeliers 2024Chandelier Trends in 2024

In the hall in the apartment in 2024 you can hang:

  • a very large chandelier;
  • multi-tiered;
  • in the form of a bunch of grapes from balls.

One or more hanging chandeliers will also look fashionable in the living room.

Hanging chandeliers are only suitable for living rooms with high ceilings. The main rule that must be observed when choosing such a model is that the distance from the ceiling to the floor must be at least 2 meters.

Another beautiful and stylish chandelier option for the living room in 2024 is a three- or five-armed model with small fabric lampshades imitating mini floor lamps with short legs. This chandelier looks very original and at the same time creates a cozy homely atmosphere.

For stretch ceilings in the living room, almost any chandelier that is fashionable in 2024 is perfect. The only exception is flat or low models in combination with incandescent bulbs. Such a lighting fixture will simply melt the stretch fabric.

Bedroom chandeliers 2024Chandelier Trends in 2024

For the bedroom, a more comfortable and homely version of the chandelier is suitable. In 2024, this may be a model:

  • wicker;
  • with fringed lampshade;
  • retro chandelier with candles, pendants, in the form of an Edison lamp, kerosene, etc.

Also a good option for such a room, especially if it is small, will be a fashionable chandelier in 2024 with one spherical or hemispherical white frosted glass shade. Such a model will give a soft diffused, eye-pleasing and soothing light in the apartment. Ceiling lamps in mustard, brown or blue are also very good for the bedroom.

Chandelier trends 2024 for children roomChandelier Trends in 2024

For the nursery, you can also choose some original type of chandelier. A ceiling lamp with a paper lampshade decorated with cheerful pictures for this room will come in handy. Also, a chandelier will look good in the nursery:

  • with a round shade made of absolutely transparent thin glass;
  • in the form of a balloon;
  • with multi-colored shades of a simple geometric shape;
  • with shades in the form of butterflies;
  • cone-shaped model painted, for example, with polka dots, etc.

Office chandeliers 2024Chandelier Trends in 2024

In the office, a good solution would be to hang a strict black chandelier. For example, it may be a variant with cone-shaped horizontal shades. Also, any retro-style chandelier will look appropriate in the office – forged with candles, Tiffany, in the form of an old lantern, etc.

For an office, a chandelier model is suitable, designed for fairly bright lighting. After all, light during work in the evenings plays an important role. That is, chandeliers made of combustible materials with one shade are not very well suited for cabinets.

Kitchen chandelier trends 2024Chandelier Trends in 2024

In the kitchen in the house, it is important to create a cozy, homely warm space. Therefore, here, as in the bedroom, wicker or fabric chandeliers, fashionable in 2024, will be appropriate. Also in the kitchen, you can hang a porcelain model that will be in harmony with the dishes.

A good choice for this room would be a thematic chandelier of the original design with shades in the form of:

  • glasses;
  • teapots;
  • baskets.

A large kitchen can be equipped with several geometric-shaped lamps on suspensions. In particular, this option will look beautiful above the bar counter.

Hallway lighting trends 2024Chandeliers 2024

For the hallway this season, it is best to purchase a small, simple geometric chandelier. It can be round or flat. But the most fashionable lighting trends in 2024 is considered to be a vertical rectangular chandelier. The color of the ceiling lamp for the hallway this season is most suitable for matte white or black.

Trendy chandelier styles in 2024Chandeliers 2024

Choosing a chandelier for any room in the apartment should also take into account the characteristics of the style in which it is decorated.

MinimalismChandeliers 2024

Minimalism is considered the most fashionable design direction in interiors in 2024. The main features of this style are:

  • conciseness and simplicity;
  • geometric shapes;
  • monochrome;
  • manufacturability of structures.

Thus, for a room in the style of minimalism, a rectangular, round, cone-shaped, etc. chandelier without frills is perfect. The color of the lighting device can be black, white, gray, steel.

LoftChandeliers 2024

The loft is characterized by:

  • high ceilings;
  • space;
  • open communications;
  • original interior items;
  • unfinished surfaces.

In such a room, an unpretentious simple lamp of technogenic design or geometric will be appropriate. The most suitable colors for chandeliers are black and gray. Originality in the design of the lamp in this case will also be appropriate. You can hang a stylized Edison lamp in the room, a model with shades in the form of inverted empty bottles, a variant of a lamp made of materials imitating concrete, aged metal.

ClassicChandeliers 2024

As in the case of a loft, spacious rooms are decorated in a classic design. A large chandelier of laconic design, a multi-tiered model, geometric will perfectly fit into such an interior. It can also be a forged chandelier or “golden” with candles, fabric shades, in the form of balls or hemispheres. In addition to gold, white, gray, black are great for classics. A porcelain expensive chandelier will look very good in such an interior.

Modern styleChandeliers 2024

This design direction is characterized primarily by simplicity and functionality. For a modern style, a chandelier in the form of honeycombs, a linear model, a version with crystal pendants (but not retro) is well suited. As in most other areas, white spherical frosted glass shades will not look bad in a modern style in 2024. Tubular chandeliers also work well with this style.

The color of the lamp in a room decorated in a modern style should be muted. You can give preference to any shade fashionable this season.

ScandinavianChandeliers 2024

Scandinavian style in the interior of residential premises has not gone out of fashion for several years. Recently, its popularity has begun to gradually decline. But in 2024, this style is still trending. The main signs of the direction are restraint, purity and freshness. For such an interior, it is best to choose a chandelier with white geometric shades. Also beautiful in the Scandinavian interior look:

  • chandeliers with shades of thin transparent glass;
  • lampshades;
  • wicker shades;
  • laconic chandeliers with a wooden frame.

You can hang a black chandelier in a Scandinavian-style room. But such a lighting device must be correctly combined with the color of other interior items or decorations. Black in Scandinavian style will look good against the backdrop of retro colors: muted gray-blue, gray-green, etc. Also, a black chandelier in this design can be an accent item.

The chandelier in the house is one of the most significant design elements. A beautiful model will attract attention and become one of the highlights of the interior of the room. To make the main lighting fixture in the room look fashionable, in 2024 it is important to follow simple tips when buying. Chandelier this season in the interior should be concise, geometric, monochrome. Originality is also very welcome, but the model should by no means be pretentious.

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