Design Of Modern Bedroom Trends 2020 – how to equip an area for sleeping?

Modern Bedroom Trends 2020The organization of the repair of a house or apartment is a very responsible and laborious process. But the result is certainly worth all the effort. After all, having overcome the difficulties in finishing the walls, choosing the style of a room and installing furniture, we will get a space in which it will be easy and cozy. And, if the kitchen or living room should be made out both from an aesthetic and functional point of view (reception, cooking), then with the bedroom things are a little different. This is a room in which we can truly relax. And since healthy sleep takes about a third of our life, we spend a lot of time in the bedroom. That is why here the entire emphasis is placed on the fact that every detail of the interior helps to relax after a hard day.


The stylish features of modern bedrooms 2020Modern Bedroom Trends 2020

More and more people today are turning to designer services in order to get the interior of their dreams. Professionals are able not only to assess the space and choose the optimal solution, but also to shape the appearance of the room in accordance with the latest trends. Of course, you can independently design a design from the very beginning to the end. Especially now there are many sources of information, having studied which, you can competently plan the space.

The main trend of fashion, which for many years has not left the catalogs of interiors, is the design of a room in the style of minimalism. Experts strongly recommend to abandon unnecessary things, surrounding themselves with exclusively functional items. This may work for any other room, but not for the bedroom. Balance is very important here – arranging furniture and accessories in such a way that everything looks both ergonomic and beautiful. The bedroom is a place to sleep, and therefore it is so important to have here even the smallest objects that will be pleasing to the eye and set up for rest.

Of course, the style features and filling room will depend on its size and purpose (because often the bedroom can serve as a dressing room or room for the baby). However, if we take into account the main trends of the modern interior, we can distinguish several important aspects:

  • The privacy of the room – even if you have a small studio apartment, designers recommend to distinguish between a living area and a recreation area. Modern research has long proved the importance of sleep for normal human life. Therefore, it is desirable to protect the bedroom from other areas of the house or apartment. In this case, nothing will distract you from a full sleep. This can be done with the help of an interior partition, a shelving or a curtain.
  • Large and bright space. Even if you do not have a large number of square meters, you can create the illusion of a spacious bedroom. For example, using a light shade of walls and furniture, large windows, a minimum of large furniture, mirrors, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly materials. One of the most important trends in recent years. Modern manufacturers are trying to offer products made from materials that do not cause any harm to human health or the environment. This applies to both finishing and filling the room.
  • Conciseness – the main feature of the modern interior. If it is possible to make at least some element of the room easier, be sure to agree to it. Even the classic finishes or fittings are transformed into a more minimalist version.
  • The use of natural motifs. There is a clear connection with the paragraph about the environmental friendliness of all components. Finishing and facades made under natural materials (wood, stone) are in fashion. In this style, you can make repairs in any color – the palette of colors varies from light (marble, birch) to dark (chestnut, wenge).

Finishing the bedroom in accordance with the main trendsModern Bedroom Trends 2020

Of course, all decisions that you make during the renovation of the bedroom should be based on the size of the room and its location relative to the cardinal points. If the windows are facing east, then the room will receive a sufficient amount of sunlight, which means that you can use any shade of both a warm and a cold palette. However, if the sun’s rays are infrequent guests in a given room, the logical solution would be to finish the walls in warmer colors. In this way, the so-called “low color degree” of the room can be compensated.

In order not to “score” a room and not overpower it with different colors, experts recommend planning a bedroom’s interior design with a maximum of three colors. The basis is best to take light. For example, white or beige walls have long been considered the best solution for a sleeping area. This is due to some of its properties:

  1. Compatible with any other colors and shades. You can leave the room bright and pastel, or you can add a zest to it by adding some bright accents. In any case, the light background will be in harmony with your choice.
  2. Visual expansion of space. While the dark shades create the illusion of a small room, light ones, on the contrary, give the room more freedom.
  3. Increased lighting in the room. In combination with sunlight or artificial lighting, the white or beige color of the walls makes it even brighter.

In addition, any light shade unconditionally associated with purity and harmony. Rooms with this color scheme will be a great place to relax and have a restful sleep. They look quite simple, but at the same time cozy and comfortable. They have a lot of light and a sense of inner, homely freedom. White is considered particularly relevant in recent years. It fits perfectly into several popular bedroom styles – high-tech, classic and Scandinavian. Often it is supplemented with details made under wood or metal, pots with fresh flowers, bright accents in the form of pillows, paintings, sconces, etc.

Brightness with the above described interior can be achieved with the help of a variety of decorative elements. The most suitable for the bedroom is, perhaps, textiles. These can be carpets, rugs, wall panels, bedspreads, decorative pillows, etc. Believe me, even seemingly small and minor details can significantly transform your room.

Among the materials for wall cladding, both traditional (paint, wallpaper ) and original are popular. For those who prefer the first option, you should pay attention to a variety of velvet, velor and other textile wallpaper. Such materials seem to be created for the bedroom. They give it softness, elegance and luxury. And thanks to the large selection, they will easily fit into absolutely any interior.

One of the latest trends in 2020 for the design of the bedroom is brickwork. This is a traditional material for rooms made in the style of a loft, but this solution would be appropriate in many other design solutions. You can leave the brick in natural color, or you can use a special paint and choose any shade to your taste.

However, if you take a more original wall decoration, experts recommend using a combination method. Then the result will not work hard, and the room will get some zest. The method of using the so-called “accent wall” has long been popular all over the world. To do this, it is not at all necessary to combine different materials – such an effect can be achieved by using wallpaper with a photo print on one wall or paint of brighter colors. This accent is often used on the wall, which is located behind the head of the bed.

Finishing the ceiling, perhaps the least problematic process. All you need to achieve the perfect result is to level the surface and achieve the maximum white color. As for the flooring, here, as with the walls, you have a huge field for imagination. The best options are parquet or laminate boards. They have the appearance of natural wood, give the room coziness and warmth, and using modern technologies are also quite wear-resistant surfaces. In addition, today manufacturers offer such a wide range that you can easily choose a coating to your taste and wallet.

Furniture and decoration in the bedroomModern Bedroom Trends 2020

Undoubtedly, the central object of any bedroom is the bed. It is on it that we spend the third part of our day, so it is important to purchase such a model that will be both stylish and comfortable. In addition, the further design of the room often depends on where the sleeping area will be located. Despite the fact that when creating design projects, all the experts unanimously say that only minimalism is in fashion, the same experts say that the bed should carry a bit of luxury.

Therefore, give preference to models with a large soft headboard. This seemingly insignificant detail will turn the bed not only into furniture for sleeping, but also into a place where you can comfortably sit behind a book or watch your favorite movies before bedtime. You will no longer be disturbed by a cold and hard wall, after which back pain often occurs. In addition to the head, pay attention to the additional decoration of the bed. Forged patterns, various inserts, canopies – these are the details that create the mood during your stay in the room.

Often people have in the bedroom and their workplace. This is not surprising, because if there is no additional space, then working in the kitchen, where food is prepared, or in the living room, where guests and family members often rest, is rather uncomfortable. In this case, you can place in this room not only a sleeping place, but also a workplace. A small table will perfectly cope with this role. If you wish, you can decorate it by placing photos, candles and other small decorations on it.

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For those who can not live a day without a book, and there is no free space for a home library, a solution such as a shelving will do. It will look great in the bedroom, in addition, you can at any time choose a book that you want to read before bedtime. If you do not have a large space, do not use closed cabinets, but open shelves. They can be placed on the same wall or around the perimeter of the room. And placing them behind the head of the bed will create the same effect of the “accent wall”, which was already mentioned above.

If we talk about decorating windows, then modern designers recommend not to weight the interior with thick dark curtains, but rather to do with thin tulle or rolled curtains. Such an idea, no doubt, suitable for the living room or for the kitchen. But here, when it comes to the bedroom, it should be remembered that the curtain in it is not just a matter of aesthetic pleasure, but also a way to protect it from bright sunlight. Especially in the bedroom, whose windows face east, and the rays penetrate the room in the early morning. However, you can combine the recommendations of designers and the functionality of the curtains. For example, give preference to special blinds or Roman blinds. Some models today are manufactured using a special technology that limits the ingress of sunlight to the inside.

How to equip a small bedroom – the rules and secrets of successful zoningModern Bedroom Trends 2020

If the room, which is designed to recover from a hard day, does not have large dimensions, this is not a problem. Simply know a few tricks that will help you visually increase the area of the bedroom. The most important rule is de-clashing territory. You need to get rid of all interior items that do not have any practical function. Leave only the most basic thing – a bed, a cabinet, a table (if necessary) and, possibly, a few small accessories that will complete the image of the room.

As mentioned above, try to choose bright pastel shades for the room. In addition, the bedroom can be visually expanded by installing glossy suspended ceilings and large mirrors. Instead of focusing on additional elements of decor, it is better to try to decorate the room with the help of the desired items. For example, a bright bedspread or colored pillows, in addition to their direct function, can also become a highlight of the room. In addition, these components, you can often change depending on your mood.

Another important point – the lighting of a small bedroom. To make the room seem larger than it really is, try experimenting with lighting. To do this, use not only one central chandelier (which, by the way, should be small), but also additional sconces or floor lamps. A secondary light source will create the illusion of a larger room.

Perhaps there is no other such room in the house where we would spend 7-8 hours in a row every day. That is why it is necessary to carefully consider the interior of the bedroom. If it seems light to you, spacious and makes you want to relax and collect your thoughts, then you are not lost with design and content. Of course, all the above trends do not mean that you should plan your rest area in accordance with them. During repair, first of all, be guided by your own feelings. Think about what you want to get in the end. Only then will the result really make you happy.

Master Bedroom TrendsMaster Bedroom Trends

There are numerous ideas in relation to the decoration of master bedroom trends, these trends will allow you to make the most appropriate choice for the space you intend to give life taking into account your own personal tastes. Today we talk about decoration trends for bedroom.

Below we are going to show you a review of the most current trends so you can choose which one is the most suitable to implement in your bedroom.

Neutral colors style and simple lines

It is a very classic and timeless style, so it never goes out of style. This style perfectly combines luxury and functionality, while allowing the implementation of different designs and styles, these bedrooms awaken in the users a relaxing effect.

Purple style

This is a trend that has become very popular in the last 2 years, the effect of purple on the different textile elements of the bedroom provides a perfect balance between the timeless and the avant-garde, this style gives the room a great feeling of recollection.

Minimalist style

The minimalist style is characterized by the pronounced presence of straight lines, the simplicity of the forms, the harmony, the presence of diaphanous spaces and the use of neutral colors.

The essence of minimalism is the contribution of the minimum amount of objects to a given space, so the bedrooms that cultivate this style are completely away from saturation and baroque, so the most remarkable is its functionality.

Rustic style

This style is characterized by the use of wood in furniture, this material can also be present in floors and walls, the complements have neutral or beige tones and usually have country references.

Oriental style

The oriental style uses in its furniture , textile accessories and decorative objects referring to nature and the east, the colors that are present are earthy, yellow and ocher tones, the most used textile accessories (bedspreads, pillows, curtains …) are cotton or linen and there are constant ethnic references .

This style is especially exotic, but at the same time these spaces, besides having great aesthetic beauty, transmit serenity, calm and balance.

If you need to change your bedroom you can see our collection of master bedrooms where we have put at your disposal a large selection of different styles. In addition, approaching your nearest bedroom furniture store, you can see more models of master bedrooms and you will receive the best advice by home decoration furniture professionals.

Bedroom Furniture TrendsBedroom Furniture Trends

How to make bedroom furniture comfortable, where to look for decor ideas? People spend about one third of their lives soaking in bed, so you should pay special attention to arranging a room for sleeping. You can choose a bedroom, like a neighbor: the same color scheme. Find an idea while admiring the interior in a magazine, or dwell on something that is shown on TV every day. But when there are so many options, it is difficult to decide on a solution for a particular room.

Step By Step To The Dream Bedroom

5 questions that should be answered:

  • Who owns the bedroom? Each type of room has its own characteristics, depending on its owners. For example, a family bedroom requires a large dressing room; when designing a guest bedroom, you need to concentrate on decorative accents.
  • Do I need to “refresh” the bedroom or want to start from scratch? If the space requires a partial renovation, all existing features of its interior are taken into account.
  • What are the disadvantages of the layout? When arranging furniture, choosing a color scheme, you need to focus on those techniques that will make the room not only beautiful, but also as comfortable as possible.
  • What kind of atmosphere do you need to create? Different spaces evoke different feelings, depending on their design. For example, the parents’ bedroom can be done in soothing colors, romantically decorated, and in the baby’s room you need to focus on security, educational decor, fun wall painting.
  • What is the budget? Evaluation of it will help to decide what is real and what is not affordable. However, do not despair if something seems too expensive. It is worth considering what other methods will help to achieve the desired result. You can make furniture in the bedroom with your own hands, replace expensive decor options with inexpensive analogues. “Do not buy a bedroom set, assemble it in parts, separately. It’s generally cheaper. ” (Dorothy Draper “Ideas You Would Pay For a Decorator”)

How To Organize A Bedroom?

Unfortunately, a universal recipe for creating a unique design does not exist. A bedroom interior made on its own requires a little creativity, a pinch of style and patience. Success will be ensured by the optimum location of furniture, the successful selection of textiles and the solution of walls. When planning the interior of a bedroom, every centimeter must be taken into account, achieving maximum use of space, and familiarize yourself with all the techniques that allow you to visually transform the perception of the shape of the room.


Walling has the greatest potential. Good “directing” will give character to the interior, and also help get rid of the feeling of crampedness. Silky or fabric wallpapers, 3D panels, color paints, and decorative designs uniquely alter the space.


It is nice to wake up in the morning, stand barefoot on the floor, not feel the cold. What to make such a floor from? If heating does not suit, it is better to avoid the use of tiles and stone, these materials are cold, they make the interior more severe. For the bedroom, wood or materials imitating a wooden surface are suitable. You can use floorboards, parquet or laminate. To make the floor not only warm, but also soft, carpets and carpets are purchased.

The Main Element Of Furniture

An important issue is the installation location of the most important bedroom furniture element. The bed is best placed opposite the wall, parallel or perpendicular to the door. Pillows, blankets, bedspreads, sheets are just as important for the interior concept as furniture. Textiles in accent or contrasting colors attract attention, soothing colors create an atmosphere of relaxation.

Storage Of Things

To combine comfort and functionality, bedrooms are often equipped with a dressing room. Sliding wardrobes and built-in wardrobes save the room from chaos. Mirrors that can be placed on the front of the cabinet will give the space a sense of spaciousness.

Light And Design

When the bedroom will be done, you need to take care of the lighting. The room can be not only one chandelier, but also decorative neon lights, a variety of floor, pendant, spotlights. Using the play of light, you can create the most intimate, cozy atmosphere. The ceiling lamp and bedside lamps should be well selected taking into account the color and stylistic concept of the remaining elements of the bedroom decor. For example, if you decide to arrange a bedroom in the Provencal style, then you should not buy lamps with plastic lampshades. Windows through which natural light enters cannot do without curtains or blinds. “Have you ever been in that room in which you felt especially good? Nine out of ten is because it had a simple design. Creating a simple design is harder than it sounds, especially in bedrooms. ” (Dylan Chappel, architect)

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Colors And Their Cosmos

Color is the easiest, most effective way to instantly create a mood for every room. Choosing a color scheme for a bedroom can reflect a love of bright colors, rich shades, or white, neutral palettes. A well-designed theme when designing a room will help to combine all the solutions from start to finish. The soothing mood of the bedroom will be presented by marine shades of blue and white, complementing each other. You can combine striped wallpapers with white linens and a dark blue accent. It is worth experimenting with fabrics, textures, embroidered linens, silk pillows, lace. To create an image of a romantic bedroom, it is worth adding boudoir chic, choosing a rich velvet palette of shades of gray and silver. The feeling of glamor will cause drapery with a luxurious satin. A classic glass chandelier will be a wonderful highlight in the center of the room, along with mirrored furniture and richly textured carpets. “There is nothing wrong with placing heirlooms next to a modern bed. The best interior designers will confirm that the most important aspect in decorating your home is a reflection of who you are! ” When choosing a neutral palette for the bedroom, objects with a hint of sage can become an accent. The use of an elegant, gray-green rich tone on the walls instantly “warms up the space”, creates a cozy, “enveloping” atmosphere. The modern Art Deco solution is a bedroom with golden accessories, golden fabrics and wallpaper. In it, you can create contrast with bright shades of pink. A decadent metal dressing table, a modern mirror with a similar finish will help to introduce elements of disco and glamor. To create an eco-atmosphere, you can choose furniture with a touch of walnut, oak, beech, birch. Dark gray or white natural linens and woven carpets complete the natural look. A bed with an oversized wooden headboard and natural wood trim will look spectacular. The combination of sand tones with the addition of light gray color will make the bedroom cool and elegant. The geometric shapes complement the modern decoration and furniture. A playful combination of blue and orange is suitable for energetic people. This is a popular modern option. Accessories and furniture with a similar palette ensure that the color scheme is not chaotic.

Small Bedroom

In order to create a stylish, original interior, you do not need to have a large footage. In compact apartments (for example, Khrushchev), the bedroom is the smallest room. How to equip it so that it is convenient and comfortable? The first step in the design should be to determine the primary color. Prudence in applying bright colors should become fundamental, an excessive number of too intense accents can overload the room, so it is advisable to focus on bright, pastel colors. Dark tones should be used sparingly. But the matte black color when creating accents can help visually change the proportions of the room. “Light and bright spaces are known to increase productivity, improve health and even enhance mood.” The second fundamental principle should be the motto: “The less furniture, the better.” But even a tiny bed is something you can’t do without, let the sofa stand in the living room. If the room has a place for other furniture, you need to take care of light models with legs, their dimensions are selected in proportion to the size of the room. Hanging cabinets, due to the fact that they are screwed to the walls, create a sense of space, even if they are huge. Thus, you can visually unload the room. In small bedrooms it is better to abandon heavy curtains and velvet curtains. To protect the interior from the sun, it is better to use blinds – they “absorb” less space.

Large Bedroom Of A Large House – Approach And Principles

The bedroom in a private house should be located on the side of the garden, and not the windows to the street so that the noise does not interfere with sleep. It is important that noises inside the house do not disturb (washing and dishwasher, music, TV and loud conversations). Therefore, the bedroom should be well insulated. The second floor or attic is most suitable for the sleeping area. In one-story houses, you should separate the bedroom with a corridor. When decorating a large bedroom, it is important to use warm colors, this gives the interior coziness. The comfort effect is achieved by shading with dark brown or beige shades. Recently, it has become fashionable to use different types of wallpaper in the bedrooms to visually separate one area of the bedroom from another. When organizing a large area, you can afford to buy a large, comfortable bed, which will become the “heart” of the room. Next to it should be placed on both sides of the bedside table. It also makes sense to think about a place to store clothes or other things. A large wardrobe and a spacious chest of drawers with many drawers will make the bedroom functional. You can install chairs, a small sofa, a coffee table. This corner will be an ideal place to read books. In the women’s bedroom, it is imperative to provide a cosmetic table.

Bedroom Decorating Tips 2020Bedroom Decorating Tips 2020

Today we have separated some tips for decorating the bedroom in 2020, to help those who are looking for ideals to renew this environment, using the trends of the year.

Colors to decorate the bedroom in 2020

For this year’s trend is bolder colors and warmer tones, even a neutral color palette calls for a warmer hue.

If you choose a neutral color chart to decorate the bedroom, escape pure white and look for warmer hues like nude or off white.

To decorate the bedroom in 2020 forget the cold grays that have been trends in recent years, if you want this shade in your bedroom, look for an option such as bluish gray, for example.

To add to the decor of your current bedroom, you can bet on this year’s Pantone-defined color, which is Living coral, an elegant, vivid and intense shade of orange.

The dusty rose is also a bet to decorate the bedroom, as this tone tends to bring softness to the environment, making it calmer and relaxing.

With the strong tendency to bring nature into the home, a deep, darker shade of green also promises to be part of the decor this year.

Remember that decorating the bedroom in 2020 the navy will be the new black, ie will be present in most interior designs.

Other shades that promise to be part of this year’s bedroom décor are vibrant orange, a mid-blue and a richer yellow.

Charming four poster beds to decorate the bedroom

The charming four-poster beds that were prevalent in the royal bedrooms, surfaced this year, and become featured in the bedroom décor.

This model brings a luxurious and somewhat romantic touch into the bedroom, leaving the original and cozy design.

But if you think this bedding model is outdated, you can opt for a piece with a more modern and minimalist design to decorate the bedroom.

Maximalism, the irreverent “more is more”

For 2020 the minimalist decor seen in previous years tends to decrease, the current proposal is to bet on maximalism, ie the more decorate the bedroom the better.

Here, the idea for decorating the bedroom is to bet on irreverent combinations, distinctive styles, mixing textures and abusing accessories and unique elements.

Did you like a piece and wanted to put it in the bedroom? Simply settle into the environment and you’re done! No need to think about whether or not it will match the rest of the decor.

Certainly maximalism is not for everyone, but we cannot deny that it has become a strong tendency to decorate the bedroom in 2020, but it is worth remembering that the bedroom is our refuge, and it should be decorated according to our tastes and needs. .

Velvet Jackets to decorate the bedroom

The velvet is back! Being a versatile and sophisticated fabric, it is present in different styles to decorate the bedroom, and fits very well in the most diverse environments.

For this year the idea is to bet on a lighter and more colorful velvet, to decorate the bedroom, you can invest in an upholstered headboard, plain or tufted, to bring contemporary to the bedroom.

Another idea to add this fabric to the decoration of your bedroom, is through some pillows, velvet brings warmth and sophistication, and combines very well with other materials such as linen and leather, for example, so a tip is to bet on a Pillow mix with different fabrics to make up your bed and decorate the bedroom.

And if there is a chair or armchair in your environment, using velvet to cover this piece also becomes a great option to incorporate this trend into your design.

Decorate the bedroom with plenty of wood

As much as wood is never a fad for decorating the bedroom, its use is increasing more and more inside homes.

When decorating the bedroom, this element is present from furniture to aesthetic accessories, after all, the wood is timeless and versatile.

Its abundance in current design projects is due to the appreciation of the environment, with the intention of bringing more and more organic elements into the house, so the proposal for 2020 is to use the natural tones of wood to decorate the bedroom.

Betting on a wooden floor to decorate the bedroom is also a great alternative, and the tendency is to bring back a lighter tone to create the feeling of airier environments.

Sustainable decoration

For this year the idea is to move away from the dictated projects, those too technical, and make bedroom for a more natural proposal, emphasizing the relationship between us and nature.

With this in mind, decorating the bedroom sustainably seeks to use natural and organic materials, always aiming for the best use for them.

In addition, DIY projects are being valued this year to decorate the bedroom as well as handcrafted products from local artisans.

To bring this more sustainable footprint to decorating the bedroom, you can start by bringing some plants into the bedroom, because in addition to making the space more beautiful, they are able to clean the air of the bedroom.

Then bet on some DIY projects you made, reuse and recycle some materials to create original pieces to decorate the bedroom.

Materials like jute, rope, straw, wood, linen and others are also great for composing and decorating the bedroom.

Art Deco and Boho: the styles of the time!

Two very distinct styles, while Art Deco brings out the style of the 1920s and 1930s, with striking geometric shapes and abstract design, boho makes reference to the 60s and 70s, with a lot of relaxation and lightness.

Both styles promise to be a trend within this year’s interior design projects, and what will you choose to decorate the bedroom? The luxurious style of the 1920s, or the carefree touches of the 60s hippies?

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Floral patterns are back decorating the bedroom

Floral patterns, in fact, have never gone out of style in decorating, but the shape that is presented always varies.

For this year 2020 the idea to decorate the bedroom is to bet heavily on flowers, opt for maximalist prints, with vibrant and contrasting colors, and in large quantities.

This print is great for those who want to bring a touch of vintage style, or to create an atmosphere with bohemian nuances and romance.

To decorate the bedroom, you can bet on the flowers from the wallpaper, to the bedding, bedspreads, pillows, rugs, other accessories or even the curtains.

Flowers bring femininity to the surface, so they become allies when decorating a bedroom for women.

Globes, the new trend for lighting

Lighting is an important part of decorating the bedroom, it can change any setting, so you need to think carefully about it to choose the best design for your space according to your needs.

By 2020, the trend in this area returns from the 1970s, the classic globe chandeliers return to design projects, bringing a timeless touch to decorate the bedroom, but following a more current line.

This chandelier model looks great both in the central area of the bedroom and as pendants on the sides of the bed.

A nice tip to decorate the bedroom in larger environments is to use multiple pendant globe lamps, this will create a different and original look.

Decorate the bedroom with inspirations from the sky

This year the world of fashion and interior design again brings a strong trend inspired by a heavenly imagination.

Icons such as stars, moon, night sky and zodiac symbols promise to be present this year in the decoration, including to decorate the bedroom.

To bring this theme into your bedroom, you can bet on different ideals, and one of them is through prints, look for pillows and bedding with these elements, little known constellations or zodiac signs are also great to compose your own. pieces and decorate the bedroom.

And since we talk about prints, you can bring them to your walls through the usual wallpaper.

You can also bring some elements such as paintings, prints, frames and mirrors that resemble this cosmic environment, to create a unique panel on a prominent wall of your environment.

Light cords are also great for creating a sense of proximity to the stars, this type of lighting brings a fun and modern touch into your decor.

Another idea is to bet on the contemporary Sputnik chandelier, which resembles the figurative shape of a star, leaving your bedroom sophisticated and cozy.

And to get in the mood for good, why not bet on a starry ceiling? For this, opt for a painting that resembles a night with stars, so you will bring all the beauty and magic of the outdoors to the coziness of your home.

Decorate the bedroom with curvy furniture

To decorate the bedroom in 2020, Scandinavian-style straight lines come out and make bedroom for more organic, curved pieces.

This look of curvy furniture was a trend in the 1970s, and as everyone knows, fashion comes and goes, and in interior design, this is no different.

To decorate the bedroom you can bet on a more rounded headboard on the upper sides, as well as a reading armchair, or circular mute, for example.

One of the advantages of this furniture pattern is that if used well, it aids in spatial feel, that is, it can make the bedroom look bigger than it really is, creating a balance and facilitating movement in the environment.

So, what did you think of the selection of bedroom decorating tips for 2020 that we set apart for you? Be sure to tell us which trend caught your attention!

2020 Trends In Bedroom Furniture – Tips At A Glance2020 Trends In Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom is probably the most personal space in any apartment – but it has been neglected for a long time in terms of design. What hardly anyone sees does not have to be specially prepared … far from it! The new trends in furniture and color design should encourage every dweller to use the possibilities of material and design to tailor their oasis of calm to their individual needs. Whether meditation room or energy source – there is the right facility for every requirement. Bedroom furnishings can be very different. This article is intended to show some interesting trends.

The bed – centre of the bedroom furniture2020 Trends In Bedroom Furniture

The cozy bed is the heart of every bedroom. For a good night’s sleep like on clouds, both the right mattress pad and the right frame are important. Both box spring beds and solid wood furniture are currently particularly trendy:

– The box spring bed: in America everything is bigger – this common place also applies to the beds. This massive variant of the bed furniture consists of three layers, which, stacked on top of each other, promise lying comfort as if on cloud nine. A wooden frame equipped with a metal spring core, the so-called box, forms the basis of the furniture. A mattress with the appropriate dimensions lies directly on the box and the “topper”, a thick mattress topper forms the end of the lying surface. If you do not want to completely redesign yourself, you can also get inlay boxes for traditional bed frames that take the place of the slatted frame. This way, every bed can be given the lying quality of a box spring bed.

Natural materials in the bedroom furnishings2020 Trends In Bedroom Furniture

– Solid wood furniture: Natural materials are all the rage in 2020 – the time of veneers and coated chipboard is over, especially when it comes to sleeping furniture. In addition to the inimitably beautiful optical appearance of natural wood, the material also has health benefits. Where it is difficult to find a variant with pressed wood panels that guarantees no formaldehyde escaping, various seals on solid wood furniture provide information as to whether pieces of furniture are low-emission and harmless to health. The “golden M” of the German Association for Furniture, the Blue Angel or the EcoControl seal of the Eco Institute attest to these qualities. In addition, long-term purchases of high-quality solid wood furniture perfectly embody a zeitgeist that strives for sustainability and the protection of resources.

– The mattress: barrel pocket spring core, latex, cold foam and memory foam – never before have so many materials been available in the bedroom to allow you to sleep softly and ergonomically on it . The focus is currently on various toppers: mattress toppers of various thicknesses, which form the comfortable top layer of the mattress pad on both a box spring and a standard bed. Gel foam adapts ideally to the contours of the patient’s body, offers the softness to sink in and supports the physiologically advantageous lying position on the other side.

Trend colors 2020 for the bedroom2020 Trends In Bedroom Furniture

Colors have played a major role in the design of living rooms in recent years – they are finally being added to the bedroom. The user should decide beforehand whether he wants to focus on energy or relaxation in the bedroom furnishings:

– Yellow: Without a doubt, yellow is the trend color of 2020 and therefore also influences the design of the bedroom. Whether gold ocher, mustard yellow or sun yellow – the color has countless faces, but they all radiate one thing: positive, warm energy. If you often miss the sun in the morning and need a motivation boost when getting up, you should follow the color trend and try the effect. Not all walls have to be painted yellow, but rather accentuated.

– Rose quartz and gray- blue: The two trend colors have been used solo and in combination for some time in the textile sector. Bed linen, decorative pillows and curtains are available in the powdery, delicate shades for the bedroom. In contrast to bright yellow, the broken pastel shades convey an aura of calm and relaxation. If you want to relax in the bedroom after strenuous days and sometimes find it difficult to switch off, you could do yourself a favor with a new color scheme in delicate shades of pink and blue.

– White: The Scandinavian classic has been shaping our bedrooms for some time and is indispensable even in the presence of new trends. After all, white in bed linen, carpet, curtains and as stained furniture has a uniquely clear effect that turns the bedroom into a meditation room. Switching off here also means turning away from all the colorful stimuli of everyday life and concentrating on the essentials: a captivating book, a soulful letter or an emotional piece of music. White also brings natural materials to the fore in such a way that solid wood furniture or floorboards exude their original charm most effectively.

Trendy bedroom furnishings 2020 – furniture for individualists2020 Trends In Bedroom Furniture

Assembling the bedroom furniture from a few series has finally gone out of fashion. Instead, style-conscious individualists are guided by the color, material and, above all, the purpose of the piece of furniture in question. This is how a unique collection is created in every bedroom:

– With padded headboards, beds not only invite you to sleep, but also to linger. During cozy TV evenings, reading or relaxing listening to music, the sleeping furniture slowly outstrips the sofa in this way.

– Modular stools and sideboards are used by the residents of the bedroom more according to their individual needs than traditional furniture. The stool can be converted into a bedside table and the sideboard can be used as a bench – depending on what is going on in the relaxation room.

Wardrobes today offer more options in terms of individuality2020 Trends In Bedroom Furniture

– In 2020 wardrobes are no longer bulky boxes that take up space, but serve the needs of their owners. The drawers and number of clothes rails can be freely combined on many models and thus increase the space available, while sliding doors ensure that the full space in the bedroom is retained when the closet is opened. Flexible lighting options can serve both functional purposes when choosing clothes, as well as being the indirect light source for a cozy room atmosphere.


Double bed, two bedside tables and a massive wardrobe and all the pieces from a series – this is what the bedroom from yesterday looked like. The oasis of calm of every apartment can currently be designed more individually and unconventionally. A wide range of beds and mattresses offers the right bed for a wide variety of needs, as well as the rest of the furniture due to its modular character that better adapt to the life of the owner. Fresh color in the bedroom ensures a good mood when getting up or relaxation when falling asleep and makes the bedroom a cozy place to stay.